Kimimi's Story

New York-area entrepreneur and fashion designer, Elizabeth Arthur, has always been inspired by butterflies. As a child playing on the beaches of Trinidad and Tobago, she admired the beauty and individuality of the patterns on their wings when they’d flutter by. As an adult, she’s identified with and been inspired by their process of metamorphosis. Consequently, naming her latest endeavor— a swimwear collection— was a no-brainer. Arthur chose Kimimi, the Sioux word for butterfly, not only to pay homage to her personal mascot, but also to remind her clients to embrace their own individual beauty.

kimimi’, the Sioux word for ‘butterfly’, as the name of her brand, not only to pay homage to her personal mascot, but also to remind her clients to embrace their own individual beauty.
Elizabeth Arthur
Fashion Designer

Women Empowerment

A proponent of individuality and women’s empowerment, Arthur designs Kimimi swimsuits with the goal of enhancing the natural beauty of every woman. The collection of one-piece bathing suits, bikinis and monokinis is comprised of colors, fabrics, silhouettes and embellishments inspired by the graceful movements and breathtaking wing patterns of butterflies. The mission of the swimwear collection is to prompt its own metamorphosis of sorts, in which a woman slips into her swimsuit and sheds the confines of her regular attire and everyday life. In doing so, she is free to reveal new sides of herself and to embrace the extraordinary, hopefully holding onto that experience after leaving the beach or pool. Consequently, the woman, like a butterfly, has transformed and emerged with more confidence.


Looking forward, Elizabeth Arthur plans to become involved in community projects that aim to inspire and assist women. One of her deepest desires is to prove by example that women should never give up on what they want to accomplish, despite hardships and challenges. Instead, she hopes that she can teach people that those challenges and dark places should be seen as a cocoon, where one grows, gains strength and struggles to emerge forever transformed… like a butterfly.

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Kimimi Motto

Like a Butterfly we are all Different and Beautiful in our own way. in this world you can never find a woman with the same exact features but they are all beautiful hence a butterfly you cannot find the same butterfly BUT they all look amazing.